Haunted Tennessee

Haunted Tennessee

haunted tennessee

IMPORTANT! NEVER trespass on private or posted property! ALWAYS obtain written permission from the property owner or appropriate authorities before entering private or posted property!

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Bell Witch Cave
The Bell Witch legend is by far the most famous ghost story in Tennessee history and has also been labeled “America’s Greatest Ghost Story” by many respected authorities on the subject. The Bell Witch was a sinister entity that tormented a family on Tennessee’s frontier between the years of 1817 and 1821. Even General Andrew Jackson reportedly had a run in with the Bell Witch before he became President of the United States! The entity is said to appear in human form to this day, and many unexplainable pictures of shadows and apparitions have been taken in the cave. Witnesses have also reported voices in restricted areas of the cave inaccessible to people. Legend has it that if anyone takes a rock from the cave, they will be cursed forever.


The Old Stone House or Millennium Manor
People have claimed to have seen the ghost of William Andrew Nicholson, the builder of the house, moving about the property. Strange lights have also been reported in the yard by witnesses. Legend has it that Mr. Nicholson planned to live in the house for a thousand years or until eternity. He died in 1965, and his spirit may still be lingering there.


Wesleyan College
Students and others have reported hearing strange voices and seeing ghostly figures walking near the spot where an oak tree and a hackberry tree grew side by side for 165 years. The trees allegedly sprouted from seeds which were buried with two star-crossed lovers, a British soldier named Connestoga and a Cherokee maiden named Nocatula, who were victims of a murder/suicide in the mid-1700’s.


Blackwell House
A man has been seen walking through the house at night dressed in his Sunday best. A family who once lived there reportedly woke up one night to find that a lamp on a night stand had been turned on. They turned it off, but an hour later, they woke up again to find this lamp turned on again. This time, they unplugged it. A little while later, they saw the bulb glowing again, but the lamp was still unplugged. Suddenly, the bulb exploded into flames. The next day, someone told them that Mr. Blackwell never allowed his children to sleep in the dark.

Singleton Community Center
Now used as a community center for public activities, this building was originally an elementary school constructed in the 1930’s as an addition to an older school building dating back to the turn of the century. The apparitions of several young girls and a dark shadow figure have been seen by employees and other witnesses since the 1980’s. On several occasions, a young girl dressed in 1950’s style clothing has spoken to employees and then vanished. The laughter of an unseen child has been heard in several areas of the building late at night when no children are present. Visit our Paranormal Audio Evidence Archive page to hear a remarkable EMF meter question and answer session which was recorded during one of our investigations of the Singleton Community Center.
“Certified Haunted” by the Memphis – Midsouth Ghost Hunters


Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast
This beautiful antebellum mansion was built in 1849 and housed three generations of the Miller family until the 1970’s. Operated year-round as a bed and breakfast, many apparitions and paranormal events have been witnessed in every room of the house by guests and paranormal investigators. The spirits of Magnolia Manor are friendly and often move objects or touch guests to reveal their presence. Visit our Paranormal Audio Evidence Archive page to hear numerous EVPs and ADVs which were recorded during our investigations of Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast.
“Certified Haunted” by the Memphis – Midsouth Ghost Hunters

Parran House (Wren’s Nest or Wedding Cake House)
This house once belonged to Dave Parran, an undertaker who died in 1936 at the age of 86. Mr. Parran loved to sit in his rocker on the front porch and talk to passersby. Witnesses have reported seeing his old rocker moving back and forth even when there is no breeze. Some people have also seen Mr. Parran’s apparition rocking peacefully in his favorite chair.


Tennessee High School
The Tennessee High School in Bristol is a haunted place, which is not an uncommon thing for a school to be. In fact, schools and colleges seem to attract spirits, often in the form of deceased teachers, maintenance workers and even former students.


Chickamauga Battlefield
This is the scene of a bloody Civil War battle where thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers lost their lives. There are many legends told about the place including the legend of “Old Green Eyes”, a frightening apparition who reportedly still walks the battlefield today.

Radisson Read House Hotel
The Radisson Read House Hotel is a Historic Hotel of America and is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. Winston Churchill, Andrew Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope and numerous other political dignitaries and entertainers have stayed at the hotel because of its charm and elaborate antebellum architecture and decor. The hotel has ten unique floors all honoring a different battle of the Civil War. Built in 1927, the hotel has retained its period architecture and has been beautifully restored to its original details. Room 311 is said to be haunted by the spirit of a prostitute murdered in the room by a Civil War soldier. The hotel burned down in 1867, but apparently the ghost returned to the same room after it was rebuilt.


Smith Trahern Mansion
This mansion was built in 1859 by Christopher H. Smith, a noted local tobacco exporter and businessman. The home reflects the combined Greek Revival and Italianate architectural styles which were popular in the 1850’s. It is believed that famed architect Adolphus Heiman designed the building. The mansion is significant due to its association with the pre-Civil War tobacco industry in Clarksville. It features a unique “widow’s walk” on the roof, and in 1988, the mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mrs. Smith, who lost her husband in a river accident is reportedly seen walking the widow’s walk or standing on the balcony awaiting her lost love.


Ruffin Theater
Built on the site of a turn-of-the-century skating rink, the historic Ruffin Theater began its theatrical life as the Palace Theater in 1924. When the original structure burned in 1936, William F. Ruffin rebuilt it and named it the Ruffin Theater. Elvis Presley is said to have played there on March 16, 1955. Used as a movie theater during most of its existence, the Ruffin Theater became a live performance venue in 1982 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. Down through the years, many stories have been told by theater personnel  and patrons about objects being moved, ghostly voices and occasional sightings in the balcony or on the stage of a young girl wearing a long, white turn-of-the-century dress. Visit our Paranormal Audio Evidence Archive page to hear several amazing EVPs and ADVs which were recorded during our investigations of the Ruffin Theater.
“Certified Haunted” by the Memphis – Midsouth Ghost Hunters


Bellwood Mansion
Located near the Cumberland River, this old plantation home is rumored to be a haven for ghosts and paranormal activity. The sound of a woman knocking on the front door every night at midnight has been reported.

Fort Donelson National Battlefield
The morning of February 14, 1862 dawned cold and quiet. Early in the afternoon the stillness was broken by a furious roar, and the earth began to shake. Union gunboats were exchanging “iron valentines” with the eleven big guns in the Southern water batteries. During a one and one-half hour duel, the Confederate guns inflicted such extensive damage on the gunboats that they were forced to retreat while the hills and hollows echoed with cheers from the Southern soldiers. Some say they celebrate to this day, as the cheering of the dead soldiers and their gun shots can still be heard on the battlefield.

Riverfront Plantation Inn
The original home was constructed in 1859 on a 1257 acre tract of land owned by J. M. Scarborough. Mr. Scarborough was born is 1823 in Stewart County and at the age of 24 began to study law and was admitted to the bar in 1850. He married Mary Graham in 1852, and together they reared eleven children. He also served as mayor of Dover and Judge of the County court. In 1871 he served one term in the lower house of the state legislature. The sound of doors opening and soft crying can be heard here.


Carnton Mansion
After the battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864, five injured Confederate generals were laid on the front porch of this old mansion where they subsequently died. The apparition of Caroline Winder McGavock, who comforted the soldiers before they died, has since been spotted at various places in and around the house. There have also been reports of one of the generals riding a horse through the fields of the mansion.
“Certified Haunted” by the Memphis – Midsouth Ghost Hunters

Carter House
The center of one of the most terrifying battles in the Civil War, the Fountain Branch Carter family home was commandeered by Union General Cox in late November 1864 and somehow survived the bloody carnage that took 8500 Confederate and Union lives. Staff members and visitors have reported apparitions of a little girl and a Confederate soldier believed to be Tod Carter, a family member who died in the battle. Other reports include poltergeist-like pranks attributed to Annie Carter, one of Tod’s sisters.
“Certified Haunted” by the Memphis – Midsouth Ghost Hunters


Rocky Top Village Inn
A multiple murder occurred in the old office located in back of the building here. Some say you can still hear the spirits screaming and apparitions have been seen in the parking lot and around the fountain.

Johnson County

Fiddler’s Rock
This rock outcropping, also known as “Screaming Rock”, is said to be haunted by the ghost of an old fiddler who played there many years ago.


Rotherwood Mansion
Rotherwood Mansion is said to be haunted by a young woman, who died in the river that runs beside the mansion. Her father, a wealthy land owner, disapproved of her romance with a soldier and forbade them ever to see each other. However, one night before going to war, the young soldier came to see his lover. The woman’s brother found them, fought the young soldier and threw him in the river. The soldier was then swept away with the current. Heartbroken, his sweetheart threw herself into the river to find her beau, but she drowned trying. Now it is said that she can be seen walking along the river in a long white dress at night carrying a lantern and looking for her lost love.


The Dollhouse / Hope Hill Cemetery
Legend is that after being raped and beaten to death by her uncle, a young girl was buried in this cemetery. Family members built a dollhouse over the grave which is maintained to this day. After dark, local witnesses have reported seeing the girl inside the dollhouse playing and talking with her dolls.


Brinkley Female College
Demolished in 1972, this prestigious women’s school located on Fifth Street was the site of Memphis’s greatest ghost story involving buried treasure and a ghost child. In 1871, while practicing her music scales, a thirteen-year-old student at the school named Clara Robertson reported seeing the ghost of a young girl wearing a moldy pink dress. The apparition was later identified by local residents as Lizzie Davis who had died a decade earlier and had been buried in her favorite pink dress. Soon Lizzie reappeared to Clara and told her to dig under a stump on the property to recover a buried jar of valuables. Clara’s father joined in the search, and a jar was discovered exactly where Lizzie had indicated. After Memphis newspapers reported the story, curiosity seekers clamored to see the contents of the mysterious jar. However, Lizzie appeared one week later and told Clara to wait sixty days before opening the jar publicly. Soon afterwards, Clara’s father was beaten by a group of men who stole the jar which he had hidden at the end of a rope hanging from the seat of the family outhouse. The guilty parties were never captured, and the jar and its contents were never recovered. Reportedly Clara never saw Lizzie again, but later made contact with her during a seance in which Lizzie revealed that the jar contained $2,000 in gold coins, a diamond necklace, more jewelry and some valuable papers.

This ghost story involves a very kind man who once operated the carousel in this park. When a child’s balloon flew into the carousel one day, the man offered to retrieve it, but reportedly fell into the mechanism and was decapitated. It is said the man now roams around the amusement park occasionally making his presence known.

Orpheum Theater
According to theater legends, this grand building is haunted by the ghost of a small girl known as Mary. She was reportedly struck and killed by a streetcar on Beale Street and somehow her spirit found refuge in the nearby Orpheum Theater.
“Certified Haunted” by the Memphis – Midsouth Ghost Hunters

Overton Park Lake
In the late 1960’s, the body of a woman dressed in a blue dress was found in a shallow lake in this park. She had been raped and stabbed. A woman in a blue dress has reportedly been spotted walking along the south side of the lake. She reaches out her arm as if looking for help, but if anyone approaches her, she vanishes.

Woodruff-Fontaine House
Molly Woodruff reportedly still haunts her bedroom now known as the “Rose Room”. She is seen wandering through the house and frequently leaves impressions in bed covers. Once she appeared at the museum on opening day to let a docent know they had set the bed in the wrong spot. On the third floor of the mansion, many witnesses report smelling cigar smoke from a yet unidentified visitor.
“Certified Haunted” by the Memphis – Midsouth Ghost Hunters


Stones River National Battlefield
Both the history and the hauntings of the battlefield are bloody and frightening and especially sad, as strange stories mark this holiday season battle from the Civil War.


Dumpling Hill Cemetery
The ghost of a slave hanged for a petty crime is often seen and heard at this cemetery attempting to chase away any visitors.

Red Boiling Springs

Thomas House Bed & Breakfast
Thomas House Bed & Breakfast website
The Thomas House Bed & Breakfast is a mysterious hideaway resting high atop a gently rolling hillside on the outer edge of the city limits of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. Rebuilt in the 1920’s with bricks which were molded and fired on location, the current sprawling structure replaced the 1890 wooden Cloyd Hotel which was destroyed in a devastating fire. Reports of paranormal encounters by the operators of the bed and breakfast and their guests along with compelling evidence collected by multiple paranormal investigation groups (including SyFy’s Ghost Hunters and A&E’s Paranormal State) have given the Thomas House Bed & Breakfast a deservedly haunted reputation.
“Certified Haunted” by the Memphis – Midsouth Ghost Hunters