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Midsouth Haunts and Ghost Stories

midsouth haunts and ghost stories

We appreciate receiving reports of allegedly haunted sites in the Midsouth states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. Below, you will find links to famous and forgotten Midsouth haunts and ghost stories from each of these seven states.

The most famous hauntings in these states include the Bell Witch farm and cave in Tennessee dating back to 1817, the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas built in 1886, the McRaven House in Mississippi begun in 1797, Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky opened in 1910, the Lemp Mansion in Missouri constructed in the early 1860′s, the circa 1796 Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana and Sloss Furnaces in Alabama operational in 1882. Images of these renowned haunted sites appear in the photo montage above. Visit individual state pages to read about these celebrated hauntings, as well as reports and legends about lesser known haunted sites in each state.

Contact us if you are aware of any haunted sites in your area. We will research them and possibly add them to our list of Midsouth Haunts.

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Haunted Tennessee

The most famous ghost story in American history occurred near Adams, Tennessee in the early 1800′s involving a malevolent entity known as the Bell Witch. This is allegedly the only haunting in which a living person was actually killed by an entity.

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